Gušröšur Hįlfdansson

Gušröšur Hįlfdansson, became king after his father. He vas called Gušröšur self-important but some called him huntingking. 

His father was Hįlfdan hinn mildi og matarilli

1. Wife: Įlfhildur, daughter of Alfarins the king of Įlfheimum (fairyland), but at this time the land between Raumelfar and Gautelfar were called Įlfheimar. With her hand in marriage Gušröšur got half of Vingulmörk. Theyr son:

    a) Ólafur who latter were called Geirstašaįlfur, king in Norway.

2. Wife: Įsa Haraldsdóttir, Theyr sons:

    b) Hįlfdan

    c) Ólįfr.

When Įlfhildur was ded, Gušröšur king sent his men west at Agšir to the king there, who was called Haraldur the rednose.They should ask for Įsa his daughters hand in marriage for king Gušröšur, but Haraldur refused. Gušröšurs men came back and told the king what had happend. A while later king Gušröšur put his ships on water, and took many men to Agšir, where he attacked at night on king Haraldurs house. King Haraldur took the men he had and fought back but Gušröšur had much more men. There king Haraldur was killed and his son Gyršur. King Gušröšur took big booty, and he brought home with him Įsa king Haraldurs doughter and married her. They had two sons Hįlfdan and Ólįfr.

But when Hįlfdan was wintersold, that fall king Gušröšur went to a big feast. He was with his ship at Stķflusundi. There were lot of drinking. The king got very drunk. At the evening the king went to his ship and when he was on the pier a man came running and stab him through with a spear. That killed him and the man was also killed.

At the morning when they recognise the man it was queen Įsa's servant. She did not try to hide it was her plan. She had maid the man kill her husband, because king Gušröšur had before killed king Haraldur, her father and Gyršur, his son. Įsa went north at Agšir with Hįlfdan, her son and ruled the kingdom her father had before. Hįlfdan grew up with his mother Įsa, and soon he became a great man and strong, with much black hair, therefor he was called Hįlfdan the black.

Systa's genealogy page, 2 janśar 2001